Networking – Spirit of APNET Award

This award celebrates an individual who embodies the spirit of APNET through consistent public service to the local community and beyond; By connecting people from all walks of life and cultures to form mutually benefiting relationships.

Business & Professional Achievement Award
This award salutes a business or individual that has distinguished themselves with longevity, growth, innovation, and consistent involvement in the African Community either by the product or services they provide.

Community Engagement Award
This award recognizes individuals who have consistently and tirelessly devoted themselves to the African community in the United States or abroad; amplifying a positive image of the people of African descent.

Outstanding College Student Award
This award recognizes a college student who demonstrates excellence in academic performance, research activities, and service to the community.

Outstanding High School Student Award
This award recognizes a high school student who is well rounded and excels in their academics as well as extra curricular activities.

APNET Trailblazer Award
This award celebrates an APNET member who has consistently represented APNET to the community and achieved personal success in their professional life and community engagements.